Project loosely bsased on the autobiographical novel by the Polish 20th century eccentric writer Witkacy “622 Downfalls of Bungo or The Demonic Woman”, describing the love affair of the young Witkiewicz (Bungo) with the actor Irena Solska (opera singer, Akne Montecalfi).

Experiment. Improvised story by a (non-)opera singer, told against the backdrop of notorious operatic demons archetypes. Inspiration tone for performative modules are provided by echos – the characters of Julia Montecchi, Isolde, Violetta Valera, Manon Lescaut, Musetta, Carmen, Roksana.

It is an attempt to find the sense of operatic singing and sound in the context of electronic music in dialogue with flute and harp, traditionally associated with femininity.

→ Aleksandra Klimczak – singer

→ Andrzej Karałow – electronics

→ Adam Fidusiewicz – actor, voice of Bungo’s reminescences

→ Zuzanna Federowicz – harpist, mathematician

→ Antonina Styczeń-Leszczyńska – flautist/horse rider

Project financed by the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.